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Why Just Do Lah?

It takes a village and a whole lot of love

Choosing a name for my own doula services was a toughie. My hope was to have a name which represented the support and commitment to the families whom I serve whilst having a tinge of character. I have always been surrounded and inspired by women of strength and spunk (with a touch of sass) who have had positive, gentle births.

A close mama friend then, one day, said to me, "Jamie, you don't ever try, you just do whatever needs to be done. That's always your promise to those around you." And just like that, because I didn't want to face a slew of law suits from a popular sports brand with almost the same slogan, Just Do Lah was born (see what I did there?).

We are all familiar with the Singlish term "Lah". Being bred and raised in Singapore, I felt it was a fun, brief representation of who I am and the community I serve. Moreover, I've always felt that the strength of our little island with its melting pot of various cultures and religions lies in being able to support anyone - regardless of language, race or religion. Synonymously, I am here to serve and support families from all walks of life and whatever the decision you make. 

Just Do Lah is just that: my commitment to support you and be there for you and your partner, working together with your village and the community we're in, to achieve the birth you want, with some spunk and fun along the way.



Being a doula isn't a job, it is an act of servitude and a vocation.
As YOUR doula, I pride myself in providing you and your partner with care, understanding, information and support throughout, during, and after the birthing process. Our initial meeting will help me to get to know you and your needs, as every pregnancy is different.
To schedule a non-obligatory initial consultation please contact me via Whatsapp.

Birth Doula Packages & Ala Carte Services

Prenatal, Birth and Postnatal Support

The signature package will comprise of two 90-minute pre-natal sessions, the attendance of the doula during active labour and birth, as well as a 60-minute Postnatal visit.

However, if you require more Prenatal sessions or Postpartum sessions, this may be requested for as well. Do give us an early heads up though so that we can plan ahead :)

Virtual Doula Package

Support for your birth journey...on the go!

I understand that juggling pregnancy and work may be tough for the busy parents-to-be on the go. From our initial meeting all the way through your pregnancy and delivery, I will take the time to get to know you, your concerns and your needs via video calls, Zoom meetings, voice calls and texts. This package consists of:
1) a 1.5 hour Prenatal session via video call or Zoom
2) the doula being available via phone or video call during active labour and birth, 24/7
3) a 1.5 hour Postnatal session via video call or Zoom
I will also be available from the Prenatal session onwards via email or text to provide everything you require to make sure your experience is as calm and positive as possible.

Birth Classes

Getting Birth-ready

We would hardly ever go on that much-needed vacation without checking out our accommodations or places of interest first - why wouldn't we try to be best prepared for labour and birth?

While the nature of birth may be unpredictable, knowing what is happening physiologically during birth and what to expect can help you write a more concise birth plan.

Private, customized classes are currently available. More details out soon!


Mylene & Ivin

When I had to give birth prematurely, I was in a state of unpreparedness and fear. We made a very last-minute decision to look for a doula the same night and Jamie responded even though we didn’t know each other at all. She came down to visit me and her presence and her words were so reassuring to me as I was in a state of fear. I didn’t know her at all, but she asked me all the right questions, gave me a listening ear, and held my hands throughout. I felt like she was the only person who understood how I felt at that moment even though we only just met each other.

I had more than 24hours labour, and she was there for most part of it. Even when she had to leave for two hours because I engaged her so last minute and she couldn’t make arrangements in time, but she made sure another doula was present with me, and she rushed back to the hospital past midnight just to be with me. I chose to have natural birth with no painkillers or epidural, and you can imagine how long drawn it was for her to stayed by my side throughout, always so calm, caring, and encouraging. Even when she was tired, she didn’t seem to show it and always checking to make sure I was comfortable, hydrated and well fed.
She knew what was coming at each stage of my labour and prepared me, supported me emotionally, held me and let me lean on her when the pain was intense. I honestly didn’t think I could go through it without her and my husband feels the same as well. In the critical moment of delivery, she was present and she cheered me on. It really was so precious to me to have her witness the birth of my first child and without a shadow of doubt,  I would definitely choose Jamie as my doula again.

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