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birth (/bəːθ/): the start of life

Having been through different birth experiences of my 3 children, I passionately believe in a mother owning her birth. Births may have many names in this modern era - natural, cesarean section, VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) - and the empowerment of this life-changing event lies in your ability to choose what is right for you.

Hello beautiful mamas AND loving daddies!

"I am continuously humbled by every mama and family I meet as they honour me with their love and strength when they allow me to be a part of their birth story."  


A wife and mother of three, my interest in birth began when I attempted to advocate for my own positive birth with my gynae back in 2010 and I was told, "No need lah!" Beginning with an uncomfortable enema,  to an episiotomy which I had no clue about and continuing with my struggle with breastfeeding my firstborn, I walked away thinking that this was the only way to birth. Thankfully, I experienced having a supportive (and different) gynae along with an awesome midwife when delivering my second child - which made all the difference. I was moving, had an active labour and birthed my whopping 4kg baby with no tears. This event restored my confidence in my body and the belief that birth is indeed a natural event - your body knows what it's doing, it just needs to be given the time and space to do it.  With my background in sports physiology, I am always in awe and wonder of the human body - in particular, the way the female anatomy is built for birth. 

My personal belief is that there is no right or wrong way to birth - there is only your way where you feel most comfortable, safe and supported, free of judgements. Your birth story is sacred to you and yours to tell for generations to come.

As your doula, I promise to empower you (and your partner), to help find your inner voice, and most importantly, hold space for you so that you can find your own rhythm and to attain the birth that feels right for you. I will not only listen to your anxieties and fears but will be there for you through the uncertainty. 

Birth is not only life-changing because you are bringing another life into the world, but it can also lead to a journey of self-discovery, affirmation and the unraveling of strength that you may have never known you possessed.

If this connects with you, pick up the phone and let's chat - no obligations! Doula’s honour! Use me as your soundboard and if all goes well, let's do-lah!

Love, Jamie

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Your Positive Birth Begins Here

"My WHY for Just Do Lah is in the words and faces of every family I work with." - Jamie

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Eve & Deon

A knowledgeable doula cum motivator. An emotional support when I needed the most.

My husband and I are grateful for having Jamie to be a part of our pregnancy journey and making our dream birth come true.


Willy & Balerie

Thank you so much for accompanying us on our first birth journey in bringing Elyse into this world.

Your guidance and support made an all natural birth possible and we are grateful for your presence in such an important chapter in our lives. We felt empowered to execute the birth plan we envisioned and am proud to share our experience.

Haha hopefully when the next kid comes, you will be available for us!!!

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List of Hospitals

I currently support clients who wish to deliver at the following hospitals:

Gleneagles Hospital Singapore

KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH)

Mount Elizabeth (Novena)

Mount Elizabeth (Orchard)

Raffles Hospital

Thomson Medical Centre

Great news! Hospitals are now allowing doulas in for support due to the relaxing of COVID measures! 

Do drop me a line for a non-obligatory chat! 

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