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Our Birth STORY

Mylene & Ivin

When I had to give birth prematurely, I was in a state of unpreparedness and fear. We made a very last-minute decision to look for a doula the same night and Jamie responded even though we didn’t know each other at all. She came down to visit me and her presence and her words were so reassuring to me as I was in a state of fear. I didn’t know her at all, but she asked me all the right questions, gave me a listening ear, and held my hands throughout. I felt like she was the only person who understood how I felt at that moment even though we only just met each other. I had more than 24hours labour, and she was there for most part of it. Even when she had to leave for two hours because I engaged her so last minute and she couldn’t make arrangements in time, but she made sure another doula was present with me, and she rushed back to the hospital past midnight just to be with me. I chose to have natural birth with no painkillers or epidural, and you can imagine how long drawn it was for her to stayed by my side throughout, always so calm, caring, and encouraging. Even when she was tired, she didn’t seem to show it and always checking to make sure I was comfortable, hydrated and well fed. She knew what was coming at each stage of my labour and prepared me, supported me emotionally, held me and let me lean on her when the pain was intense. I honestly didn’t think I could go through it without her and my husband feels the same as well. In the critical moment of delivery, she was present and she cheered me on. It really was so precious to me to have her witness the birth of my first child and without a shadow of doubt,  I would definitely choose Jamie as my doula again. My personal belief is that there is no right or wrong way to birth - there is only your way where you feel most comfortable, safe and supported, free of judgements. Your birth story is sacred to you and yours to tell for generations to come. As your doula, I promise to empower you (and your partner), to help find your inner voice, and most importantly, hold space for you so that you can find your own rhythm and to attain the birth that feels right for you. I will not only listen to your anxieties and fears but will be there for you through the uncertainty.  Birth is not only life-changing because you are bringing another life into the world, but it can also lead to a journey of self-discovery, affirmation and the unraveling of strength that you may have never known you possessed. If this connects with you, pick up the phone and let's chat - no obligations! Doula’s honour! Use me as your soundboard and if all goes well, let's do-lah! ​ Love, Jamie

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Our Birth STORY

Elaine & Ben

It’s been truly a blessing that I found a doula in Jamie - I couldn’t have had the empowering, and deeply vulnerable birth experience that I wanted without her support. Since day 1 of engaging Jamie, she’s worked alongside my partner and I to give us the best chance at a natural, intervention-free birth. We learnt about our options early on, talked through our birth plan, and also practiced various comfort measures together. On the day of my labour, her presence was calm, reassuring without being intrusive. As a first-time mom, it’s so natural to feel insecure about every decision, but with Jamie around, I felt relaxed in the knowledge that I could allow my labour to progress from the comfort of my own home, and also make it to the hospital in good time. At the hospital, Jamie was all-in to support my decision to labour without an epidural, and was the perfect tag team to my partner to give us the support we needed. This included standing on the hospital bed for 5 hours, using her entire body weight to bear down on my hips (#truededication) In short, if having a birth experience of your own choice is important to you, I would really recommend getting a doula in your corner to support you! (preferably Jamie )

Our Birth STORY

Aprine & Francis

Doulas honestly deserve more respect for the work they do. We’re so glad we had decided to engage a doula, and were so fortunate to have found Jamie. Even though we’re both doctors, we learnt a lot from her, and we still are! By understanding the physiology of birthing, we were able to experience and appreciate the wonder of the human body that is possible when mother nature is allowed to work its magic. Having said that, Jamie also respected our choices even when they weren’t completely intervention-free. She provided much needed support throughout our journey, not just for mama but also for the husband. During early labour, she was instrumental not only in comforting me but also in calming and offloading my husband. That was very much needed for us first time parents! Although doulas were not allowed into our hospital due to covid restrictions, Jamie ensured we checked in at the right time, and continued to provide much needed virtual support as labour progressed. We eventually achieved the positive birth we envisioned, all kudos to Jamie. Her approach was sincere, and classes were also really fun and interactive. We’ll definitely be asking Jamie for help again if we have #2!

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Baby's Feet

Our Birth STORY

Joanna & Tim

I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional support provided by Jamie, my birth doula. Even before the labor day, she went above and beyond, taking me for a walk when I felt anxious and offering valuable coping techniques. On the day itself, she transformed the labor room with thoughtful touches, including a soothing diffuser, music and providing me with a tens machine. When we forgot our birth ball, Jamie promptly arranged hers immediately. What truly stood out was Jamie's unwavering encouragement. In a moment when I considered an epidural, she reminded me of my strength, empowering me to persevere. Her support extended not only to me but also to my husband, coaching him on ways to assist me during the whole process. My husband and I can't thank Jamie enough for making this journey not only physically comfortable but emotionally empowering for both of us. Her dedication and care are truly incomparable!

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