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A little Ditty to all the Daddies

My husband and pillar of strength cutting the cord

Doulas aren’t just for mamas

We are for Daddies too

You know your wife better

Than anyone - it’s true!

We promise to stay by your wifey

When you need to get that coffee

And involve you in our comfort measures

In helping her ride waves of contractions

Your love for birthing mama

Cannot be replaced by the concern from a doula

I’ll make sure you’re the rock star in her eyes

I am merely your handmaiden and your guide

Things may get overwhelming and rough

Since being a birth partner can be tough

But we will remind you to always take care

Just so that you don't end up pulling your hair

As a doula, I strive to hold space for both of you

With constant encouragement, your confidence I will boost

And give time for you to coo

After I help welcome your precious baby boo



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